Veel gestelde vragen bij de ombouw naar lichte vracht

Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van de meest gestelde vragen omtrent het ombouwen van een personenwagen of auto naar lichte vracht.

Wij begrijpen dat u misschien nog bijkomende vragen zal hebben. Aarzel dus zeker niet om ons steeds vrijblijvend te contacteren via telefoon of e-mail i.v.m. de auto ombouw naar lichte vracht.

  • Can I buy from you a cart hat has been homologated as a light commercial vehicle?

    Yes, you can ! You can order a car from IDC CARS that has been homologated as a light commercial vehicle, either second hand or new. Please contact us without any obligation for further information. We have a very extensive network to help you buy your car for the best possible price.

  • Can any passenger car be converted into a light commercial vehicle?

    No. Only passenger cars of the type hatchback, station wagon or estate car, people carrier and jeep/SUV/4×4 can be converted into a light commercial vehicle. Vehicles that belong to the categories convertible, coupé and saloon can therefore NOT be converted.

  • Can I have a car converted that I have bought abroad?

    Yes. However, it is important that you are in possession of a number of documents for the car: a European Certificate of Conformity (COC) and the previous registration certificate. You will also need to go to the customs office and get a vignette 705 in order to get a request for registration. With these papers you can have your car converted by us. You do not have to get your car registered first, otherwise you would still pay the car registration tax.

  • Can I have a vehicle converted keeping more than 2 seats?

    No. Current legislation requires the load platform to measure at least 50% of the wheelbase. That means that no passenger car would be able to keep the back seat.

  • Can I or must I do part of the work myself?

    No. Our business takes care of the procedure from a to z. U give us a passenger car and you get a light commercial vehicle in return, ready to be registered. We take care of the conversion, the new papers and the re-inspection as a light commercial vehicle. To ensure the quality of the conversion and compliance with legal standards, we do not allow , for example, that you would do the conversion yourself and leave only the paperwork and inspection to us.

  • How long does it take to convert a car into a light commercial vehicle?

    The full process takes 10 to 12 working days in 90% of cases. For some manufacturers this period can be slightly longer because the permit for the conversion by the importer can take some time.

  • How much does a conversion cost approximately?

    The average price of a conversion lies between €1800 and €2300 + 21% VAT. This depends on the brand on the one hand and on the size of the vehicle on the other hand, due to the costs for the materials. Please feel free to email or call us for a detailed quote.