Your luxury car
as light freight

You don't buy your dream car because of the too expensive annual costs?
Let's see if it can be converted and calculate your advantage.

  • 100% VAT deductible

    The 50% deduction limit does not apply to light trucks

  • Very low load

    Depending on the maximum allowed mass, you pay between € 34.45 and € 148.76 each year

  • No BIV

    You do not pay tax on the entry into service for a light load

The solution for the affordable dream car

"Light freight", two words that manage to generate a tax advantage in car land.

  • No benefits of any kind
  • Right to accelerated (declining) depreciation
  • Professional expenses & fuel costs 100% deductible
  • Right to investment deduction in case of a sole proprietorship
  • Additional costs with the purchase can be debited in one go

The IDC Cars approach

Light freight, light worries! IDC Cars has the know-how & craftsmanship for a carefree conversion of your car

  • Conversion to light freight

    All brands, finished with an eye for detail

  • Homologation for

    Light freight, import outside the EU (or without mandatory BE documents)

  • COP

    A guarantee of quality. We are a COP recognized company affiliated with WTAS

The partner in light freight conversion

We take care of the conversion from passenger car to light freight, including the homologation of your vehicle.
We also offer transport for customers if they cannot reach us by car.