Homologation – Individual documentation care

Homologation of your car

Homologation means approval. The Belgian government must give you approval (approval certificate) to use your car in Belgium.

After obtaining this approval, we deliver your vehicle with a Belgian certificate of conformity or a European certificate of conformity ( C.O.C.).


1. Converting a car into light commercial vehicle.
2. Import from a non-EU country.
3. Import from an EU-country but without the mandatory BE documents.
4. Cars that were assembled outside the EU and are in need of a Belgian certificate of conformity.

What can IDC CARS do for you?

1. We contact the manufacturer of your car.
2. We take care of the approval certificate.
3. Technical inspection.
4. Dealings with the Federal Public Service for Mobility and Transport (FOD Mobiliteit en vervoer).
5. We take care of the certificate of conformity.


In addition, IDC CARS also handles all formalities concerning your car insurance.